Pynox - Imunar's Space

This is site is my personal playground
One page, some Music and some images.
Here I may also add some FOSS/CC stuff in the future.
I'm a tripple G (two of them are Goth and Geek or is Nerd now?)
or short this is
My Space!

By the way, all images (those fake covers)
are some fine picks from my personal arsenal
that I've shot by myself

In the End:


Here is some Text about my music

Some Music is free,
Some Music was made for others
And some Music was Made by me

Creative Commons

Music postet here is licenced under Creative Commons


A slow spacy athmosphere

The Spookey Silence Trioligy




Offical Remixes

Music postet here are offical Remixes I've done.
You can listen to them in low quality
And if you like them, or the original Artist buy thier songs/stuff
visit their shows and/or even support them!
(All revenues go to the Artist (and Label))

You can find them on Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and co.

Loewenhertz - Seltsam

Arctic Sunrise - Surrender

Mono Sapien - Kleiner Mann

Projekt Ich - Forgotten Dreams

Projekt Ich - This Time I'm Over You

Schwarzschild - Wir Sind Nicht Allein

In Good Faith - Choose Your Way

All The Ashes - Zurück auf Null

Pos.:2 - Neonlicht


Creative Commons License

All Music under Music -> Creative Commons are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, which means you can:

  • Use them for personal stuff
  • Use them for commercial stuff
  • Change them however you like

... all for free. In exchange, just give Imunar (<-That's me) credit for the design and tell your friends about it :)

The Template and this Text ist copied from HTML5UP

No Impressum?

Well this page aims to be non commerical, 100% private, advertisement and cookie free. (And I really like cookies!)
No analytics, no banner, no affiliate links